Offer your visitors an experience they will never forget

Our solution:

A cutting-edge hardware that makes Virtual Reality accessible to all

Highly immersive and contextualized 3D/360° contents

They already trust us:

Timescope is a time
travel machine

Reach all publics

Timescope terminals are made for all your visitors. Children aged 7 and up can enjoy the experience, thanks to a unique height adjustment system. The experience is as simple as pie : the user selects a content and a language on the touchscreen, and it starts!

Amaze your visitors

Timescope offers a strong sense of presence. Each terminal contains a 4K screen resolution display and an embedded stereo sound system. Users can look all around them and rotate completely at 360°. These features combination make the Timescope experience truly immersive.

Leave it to us

Timescope terminals are weatherproof and resistant to vandalism. We take care of installation and maintenance. It operates 24/7, with no need of staff.

Make it your way

You can fully customize our terminals, pick new colors, add your logo and branding, and even incorporate a payment system.


Made in France


Timescope allows you to tell your own story through magical on-site experiences

Reveal your History

Showcase your assets

Unveil the city of tomorrow

What they say about us

Clotilde Larrose

Le Havre

“We trusted Timescope to boost our tourist experience. We are delighted!”

Anne Hidalgo

Mayor of Paris

“At the banks of the Seine, step back in time and discover the history of this Unesco World Heritage Site, thanks to Timescope’s virtual reality experience!”

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